We support your journey towards the future with an individual digitalization strategy and projects:

  • Development of digital strategies
  • Development of digitalization concepts
  • Detailed process model for implementation
  • Creation of digital applications
  • Support for future forms of work


We work with software that in its standard module already meets fundamental requirements:

  • Document management
  • Filing
  • Groupware/Communication
  • Workflow management
  • Mobile connectivity
Solution Development


We digitalize your business processes and automate routine work:

  • CRM & SRM
  • Project management
  • Energy management
  • Occupational safety management
  • Documentation

We digitalize your business processes

Together with our customers we develop and implement their individual digitalization strategies.

Since 2009 we have been on the market with the aim of digitizing business processes to an extent that routine and monitoring tasks are automated. We support you in defining customer-oriented, efficient processes and their implementation. We develop individual IT solutions that represent and support your business processes. Based on a digitalization strategy and the products of the GSD Software we develop solutions that adapt to your requirements.

Successful digitalization requires

1. A vision
2. A strategy
3. Optimized processes
4. Motivated employees

and the end result is flexible software.

Modern tools

Diversity can create expensive redundancies

Nowadays there are more and more solutions and services that promise optimal support for your processes. Be it in the cloud or a pure in-house solution. Each one of them promises to solve all problems in a certain area. To avoid expensive redundancies, what has to be taken into account for an overall solution that is optimally adapted to one’s own needs?


The challenge of digitalization is the complexity

What are the demands of digitalization which we have suppressed with industrialization? Complexity is the real challenge we have to face, triggered by digitalization.


Digitalization – the big misunderstanding

Digitalization is one of the current catchwords par excellence. It is talked about, written and sometimes operated, but it is seldom understood. Software is regarded by managers as a substitute for people. Only the actual value is not recognized.

Digital change

Integration of digital solutions – Turn Change to Chance

Representation of a method how a change process can be made simpler within the framework of digitalization in such a way that it is perceived by those affected not as a threatening change but as a relief in their daily work routine.

Digital education

Digital education – learning for the future

Thoughts on the subject of digital education. What skills do people need to develop in order to learn for the future? Digital literacy is much more than using a mouse or tablet.

WFB Wirtschaftsförderung Bremen

Apandia GmbH has officially been accepted as a member of the newly founded digitalization consulting pool “Learning from others” of the WFB Wirtschaftsförderung Bremen GmbH. Aim of the consulting programme for digitalization is to support Bremen-based companies in their digitalization strategy with targeted and subsidised consulting services. To the profile of Apandia GmbH on the WFB webpage


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Industry 4.0 in Bremen

Digital building management saves time and money. Use of Apandia’s digital utility cost statement at Bremen Airport.

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Whom we work for

Medium-sized companies and corporations

Our customers come from a wide variety of economy sectors, the requirements to be met are just as different. Our customers include (among others)

Rheinmetall Defence Electronics
Karibu Holztechnik

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