Developing the future with digitalization

and at the same time ensure the satisfaction of our own customers.
We develop customer-oriented, efficient processes with you — and you have time for your customers.

Future Certainty

We are continuously developing the basis of our digital applications. This means you will always be up to date in terms of technology.

Time Saving

With the help of digital applications you and your employees save time, as many manual work steps are no longer necessary but carried out automatically.

Process reliability

Our digital applications are audit-proof and represent your individual processes 1 to 1.


Our process structures and digital applications are the best prerequisites for agile corporate structure.

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Industry 4.0 in Bremen

Digital building management saves time and money. Application of Apandia’s digital service charge accounting at Bremen Airport.

For whom we work

Medium-sized companies, concerns and municipalities

Our customers come from a wide variety of sectors of the economy. The requirements that have to be met are just as varied. Some of our customers are

Rheinmetall Defence Electronics
Karibu Holztechnik

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