Digitalization Concept

The basis of digitalization is a digital strategy for your company. It defines the goal to be achieved and thus the projects to be implemented for successful digitalization. We are looking forward to support you in developing your strategy.

The first step for a successful digitalization project is the development of a digitalization concept. Subject of this concept are the desired business processes to be digitized and the digital applications required for this purpose.

The development of your individual digitalization concept includes the following services:

  • Support in the development of a digital strategy
  • Identification of the processes to be digitized (e. g. according to customer benefit)
  • Definition of optimized processes (targets)
  • Recording and analysis of existing digital applications
  • Determination of the actual digitalization requirements (i. e. implementation of additional digital applications)
  • Definition of integration scenarios
  • Graphic representation (Swimlane-Format) of the target processes in interaction with the related departments and digital applications

As a service result you receive your detailed, product-neutral digitalization concept in electronic form. This forms the basis for the development and implementation of your digital application.

Successful digitalization

How can digitalization concepts look like?

Blog article by Niclas Ebenthal, describing how to come up with a concept for digitalization in your company.

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Process Certainty

Our digital applications represent your individual processes 1 to 1.


Our process structures and digital applications are the best prerequisites for agile corporate design.

Future Certainty

We are continuously developing the basis of our digital applications. This means that you will always be up to date in terms of technology.


Our digital applications can be easily adapted to new business requirements at any time.

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