Anytime access your databases directly via web interface or App. NETframe is the direct connection of your databases for mobile access. WebShop, WebClient or mobile data access via smartphone and tablet are just a few of the possibilities that this opens up for you. The web interface can be used for any conceivable project with individual requirements.

NETframe provides a secure, direct connection to all available data in your database. Access is controlled via a central rights and collateral concept. NETframe allows you to map individual data structures and data flows in exactly the same way as with all other GSD Software products.



Use important functions such as inbox, addresses, processes or the document view in real time on your smartphone or tablet PC. The mobile GSD solution offers you outstanding possibilities for the mobile process control of your company. Mobile customer management, mobile document management and mobile access to your groupware features make you and your colleagues much more flexible in everyday work.


GSD WebClient

With the WebClient you can use central document management, groupware and CRM functions worldwide via the Internet. They always work with the most up-to-date data and communicate via email, fax and messages without gaps in information. Securely encrypted and almost exactly the same as in your office.


GSD Webshop

A functional and scalable e-commerce solution that opens up a wide range of opportunities in B2B and B2C business and secures them in the long term. With the GSD Webshop, you can benefit from many possibilities that go beyond the traditional web shop concept, such as integrated DMS and CRM features.


Customized interfaces

The web interface can be used for any conceivable project with individual requirements. It can be implemented according to both Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) and REpresentational State Transfer (REST) and offers you, for example, the opportunity to connect directly to portals or other sites.

As with all GSD Software products, you can customize the mobile NETframe solutions to your own requirements so that you can work the way you want.

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