Tailored to your individual business processes

In the course of digitalization it is necessary to redefine processes and optimize them for optimal digital integration. Our task is to develop strategies and solutions that create direct added value for your company. We accompany you up to the finished solution to make your company fit for the future.

Our IT solutions are tailored to the individual business processes of our customers and seamlessly integrated into an existing IT landscape. Only this combination can improve efficiency and consistency in operational processes.

At this point we would like to give you an impression of the IT solutions we have already designed and the functions they offer.


Property Management

APA-PRM is an integrated IT solution for the calculation and settlement of ancillary rental costs. In addition, the solution offers comprehensive rental agreement and room management. In addition to the ancillary costs, other services arising within the framework of a rental agreement (e. g. rent, telephony, waste disposal, cleaning, etc.) can also be managed and settled.

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Energy Management

Intelligent and consistent energy management with APA-EMS: from the technical recording and evaluation of energy consumption to the commercial calculation of ancillary costs as well as their billing and consideration in financial accounting.

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OHSAS Management

With APA-OHSAS, you can consistently map your individual occupational health and safety management processes and thus exploit hidden potential for efficiency and improvement. The solution enables systematic compliance with legal regulations and the improvement of occupational health and safety.

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Costumer relationship management

Customer relationship management using APA-CRM enables you to efficiently manage all your marketing and sales activities with the goal of acquiring new customers and managing customers and prospects.

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Building industry

APA-BAU is a comprehensive solution for general contractor building houses. APA-BAU supports both construction-specific processes such as guarantee and retention management as well as general processes such as marketing and payment management.

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Quality Management

Consistent and efficient quality management – with APA-QMS. The solution supports companies from the made-to-order production sector in complying with the documentation and verification requirements.

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