Building Industry

APA-BAU is a comprehensive solution for general contractor house building. APA-BAU supports both construction-specific processes such as guarantee and retention management as well as general processes such as marketing or payment management.

APA-BAU is technologically based on the flexible IT system DOCUframe from the award-winning manufacturer GSD Software mbH. APA-BAU consists of several functions from which you can choose. The functions can be adapted to your individual business processes at any time.

Functions of APA-BAU:

  • Customer Relationship Management with integration of online portals or websites.
  • Overview of all construction projects including construction schedule, award of contracts and payment plan.
  • “Construction Diary” for the documentation of site inspections, deficiencies and approvals.
  • Administration of guarantees and withholdings.
  • Construction accounting, invoice verification, payment management, open items, liquidity overview and much more

APA-BAU can be seamlessly integrated with your existing IT solutions. In this way, you can design your business processes consistently and efficiently without having to forego a proven IT solution.

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