Customer Relations

Customer Relationship Management with the help of APA-CRM enables you to efficiently manage all your marketing and sales activities with the goal of acquiring new customers and managing customers and prospects. The IT solution APA-CRM enables you to plan, execute and evaluate marketing campaigns as well as capture and manage generated leads and opportunities. APA-CRM is technologically based on the flexible IT system DOCUframe from the award-winning manufacturer GSD-Software mbH. APA-CRM is adapted as a module within this basic technology to your individual business processes. In addition to the standard functionality of DOCUframe (Workflow, Groupware, Document Management and Archiving), APA-CRM includes the process-oriented functions “Campaign Management” and “Lead- & Opportunity Management” developed by Apandia GmbH:

Campaign Management functions

    • Planning campaigns, allocating tasks and monitoring progress.
    • Define target groups on the basis of selected search criteria such as A-/B-/C-customer, branch or postcode area.
    • assign target groups to different marketing campaigns such as telephone, mail or letter campaigns.
    • Report completed campaigns in terms of responses received and leads and opportunities gained.

Lead & Opportunity Management functions

  • Create, manage and pass on leads and opportunities with reference to a source (e. g. campaign, telephone inquiry or trade fair) to sales employees.
  • Planning, recording and documenting activities such as phone calls, e-mails or lead or opportunity appointments.
  • Leads in their qualification (cold, warm, hot) and transfer them directly to an opportunity.
  • Maintain sales phases, opportunities and expected values for opportunities.
  • Create Forecasts for Sales Planning.

The functions Campaign Management and Lead & Opportunity Management can be used independently of each other in APA-CRM. The functions can be flexibly adapted to your customer management process in order to map and support it efficiently.

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