Property Management

APA-PRM is an integrated IT solution for the calculation and settlement of ancillary rental costs. This solution also offers comprehensive rental agreement and room management. In addition to the ancillary costs, other services arising within the framework of a rental agreement (e. g. rent, telephony, waste disposal, cleaning, etc.) can also be managed and settled.

For which companies is APA-PRM suitable?

APA-PRM is aimed at companies that operate large industrial plants for energy production and rent out their premises. These include airports, train stations, shopping centres and universities. Such companies face the challenge of reliably determining the production costs per energy medium (electricity, gas, water, heating and cooling) as well as the exact energy consumption per tenant each year in order to be able to carry out an audit-proof annual statement of ancillary costs. This is a time-consuming, usually manually operated process that requires the cooperation of both commercial and technical departments.

What are the main features of APA-PRM?

Room Management

In APA-PRM, all your rooms that are intended for internal use or renting can be recorded and managed. The essential room properties such as location, area or type of use can be maintained. The rooms used internally or rented out are assigned to the corresponding cost center or lease-out for the duration of use. In this way, you can always keep track of when, for how long and by whom a room is currently being used. If a room is not in use, it is marked as free and can be rescheduled.

Lease Management

You can store and manage all your lease-outs in APA-PRM. You can maintain the general contract data such as validity period, notice period, special arrangements and the rented rooms. Rooms can be flexibly assigned to or removed from the lease-out. Furthermore, the contractually agreed, regular services such as rent, sales leasehold, advance payments for ancillary costs, telephony, waste disposal or cleaning can be administered and invoiced here. APA-PRM generates the invoices at the push of a button or in an automated run and transfers the corresponding postings for the debit positions and revenue accruals to your financial accounting solution (e. g. SAP-FI).

Measuring Point Management

APA-PRM allows you to manage all your technical metering points for recording energy consumption and production. The current meter readings can either be entered manually in APA-PRM or imported automatically from your energy management system or the building control system. The measuring points are linked to the production plants and rooms in terms of data technology, so that you can check both the energy production of a plant and the energy consumption within a room. The rooms, in turn, are linked to a cost center or lease-out, so that you can determine the exact energy consumption per medium for each internally used or rented room in a settlement period.

Cost calculation

APA-PRM enables you to reliably calculate the costs of your production facilities. You can assign both fixed costs (such as depreciation, imputed interest) and variable costs (such as service or maintenance orders) to an asset. The costs are automatically written to the asset so that you can always track the total costs of an asset over a period. In relation to the amount of energy produced, you receive the exact production costs per energy unit for each plant.


As described above, APA-PRM provides reliable data on the amount of energy produced and consumed, as well as their costs. On the basis of this data, you are able to create a detailed and transparent annual statement of the service charges per tenant at the touch of a button. Every tenant can see how high the energy consumption per medium and rented room has fallen out within a billing period. In addition, you can use APA-PRM to manage and automatically bill for essential, agreed-upon services such as ongoing advance payments for ancillary costs, rent, sales leases, telephony, waste disposal, cleaning, and so on.

What are the main advantages of APA-PRM for my company?

Efficient and safe processes

With APA-PRM, you can control your entire process for calculating and settling service charges in an IT solution. Many process steps, such as the regular settlement of advance payments for service charges, rents or the preparation of annual accounts, are automated and only need to be checked by your employees. Unnecessary isolated solutions can be replaced without hesitation. This saves your employees a lot of time and allows them to concentrate on other tasks. The costing and settlement process is stored in APA-PRM according to your individual requirements. Such system support ensures a high level of process reliability as well as efficient and comprehensible business processes.

Transparency for the customer

With the help of APA-PRM you can offer your customers a transparent, traceable billing of the contractually agreed services. Your customers receive a detailed list of their energy consumption and the advance payments already made. In this way, your customers gain additional trust in your company. This strengthens important business relationships.


APA-PRM is designed from the ground up in such a way that it reflects individual business processes and can be adapted to changing requirements at any time. Standard solutions often cannot do this or only with considerable effort. APA-PRM is an IT solution that adapts to your business – not the other way around.

Audit safety

In APA-PRM, all documents are managed and archived in a revision-proof manner. All stored documents and information can be retrieved at any time and quickly. Furthermore, individual process steps can be reconstructed and verified if required. APA-PRM helps you to comply with regulatory requirements and work in compliance.

Can APA-PRM be extended or retrofitted if required?

APA-PRM can be flexibly adapted or extended to your individual business processes at any time. Masks, dialogs or menu layouts can be redesigned or user-defined fields, structures or tables can be added as required. In addition, process steps or entire process chains can be redesigned and supplemented. All changes are fully retained (100% release capability) when the version is changed or updated.

APA-PRM now includes four major enhancements that are included in the standard system and can be seamlessly integrated into the calculation and settlement of rental expenses:

Administration and invoicing of room rents and turnover leases

In APA-PRM, you can store the agreed rental conditions for each lease-out in a price table. Based on the rented rooms and the stored square meter prices, APA-PRM determines the total rent to be paid and settles the amount. If you lease your premises, you can also store the contractually agreed terms and conditions for the sales taxes. APA-PRM determines the amount of the levy and settles the amount on the basis of the agreed transfer rates and the sales reports that have been maintained. Minimum rentals paid in advance will of course be charged.

Administration and invoicing of parking areas

Similar to the administration and invoicing of room rents and turnover leases, APA-PRM supports you in the administration and invoicing of your parking spaces. For this purpose, all existing parking spaces are created in APA-PRM and assigned to the respective customers via rental agreements. The system supports you in planning the capacity of your parking spaces and provides you with information on which parking spaces are rented and which are available on any (future) date. In the event of a price change, you can use APA-PRM to generate standing invoices and send them to the customer. The monthly rent is settled automatically via invoice runs.

Administration and invoicing of advertising space

If you would like to rent out your available space as advertising space, APA-PRM will also support you in this respect. You can manage all your advertising material (banners, displays, giant posters, etc.) and spaces (including site-related price factors) in the system and assign them to the respective tenants. As with the rooms and parking spaces, APA-PRM supports you in planning the capacity of your available advertising space so that you can respond to inquiries from your customers and prospects at any time. The recurring billing of the leased advertising space is carried out automatically in accordance with the contractually agreed payment frequency.

Administration and billing of ICT services

This enhancement of APA-PRM enables you to manage and account for your ICT services. The term includes both ITC hardware (e. g. end devices) and telephone charges. APA-PRM can be seamlessly connected to your PBX. The accruing charge units are imported from the telephone system and invoiced together with the rented ICT hardware in APA-PRM. If your customers are based within the EU, APA-PRM can also assist you with reverse-charge billing.

Can APA-PRM be connected to my existing IT solutions?

APA-PRM has numerous standard technical interfaces (ASVII/CSV, ADS, ODBC, SOAP/Web Service, XML, SAP R3 and many more) so that the solution can communicate with almost any other IT solution. This technology makes it possible to depict complex business processes in a consistent and cross-system manner. This allows stand-alone solutions to be consolidated and manual effort reduced.

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