Quality Management

Manage quality management consistently and efficiently – with APA-QMS. The solution supports companies from the made-to-order production sector in complying with documentation and verification requirements.

The IT solution APA-QMS supports you in creating product documentation. APA-QMS is technologically based on the flexible IT system DOCUframe from the award-winning manufacturer GSD Software mbH. APA-QMS is a module within this basic technology that is adapted to your individual requirements. In APA-QMS, all the documents required for documentation (company certificates, qualifications, work instructions, protocols, etc.) are created, managed and finally merged into the final documentation.

Functions of APA-QMS

  • planning, control and supervision of the documentation creation parallel to production.
  • support in obtaining external documents (material, acceptance test certificates, supplier certificates, etc.).
  • support in the acquisition of documentation-relevant information for e. g. measurement or repair protocols.
  • control of the validity period of certificates and proof of qualification.
  • Approval of the qualification requirements of a production task against the qualifications of the performing employee.
  • Structured management and archiving of all documentation-relevant documents.

APA-QMS can be fully integrated into your existing IT landscape and imports employee, material and machine data as well as design drawings and batches automatically. By using APA-QMS, the progress of the documentation is always in line with the progress of the manufacturing project, so that interim and final inspections can be carried out more easily.

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